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1905 West Grant Road, Tucson, AZ
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So good! Everything but the onion rings was excellent. And, even the onion rings weren’t that bad. The thin crust pizza with burnt edges was amazing, the sandwich was fantastic, the ranch fries (I put jalapeños on mine) were classic, and the frozen drink was perfect. It tasted like oranges and pineapples and shaved ice. Not processed, or artificial. I imagine it’s what they would’ve served in the seventies out of the back of their van. The only bad part is I live ALL THE WAY across town! Build an Eastside location!!!

Geraldo O.

Food came out fresh and it was so tasty! Instant fans. My husband ordered a hot veggie sandwich and liked it so much he got a second one. The kids and I had two of the pepperoni and sausage pizzas. So good! Service was fast and all of the staff was friendly. One guy who I assume was the owner came out and asked if it was too cold inside. Another staff member had asked me if I was still waiting for food because he noticed I had been waiting for a while but I let him know I hadn’t ordered yet. The point is, staff is really attentive. Since the lock down, I have been through the drive through numerous times for their snack boxes – half w cheese pizza with fries. It makes my kids’ day. So glad they took over this location.

Denise G.

The ices are amazing, with real pieces of fruit, and they are not overly sweet.  We tried the strawberry lemonade and the orange pineapple. They are refreshing and tasted fresh, not artificial. The garlic fries have the perfect amount of garlic and Parmesan and were cooked perfectly.  We both tried the Italian 3 Meat & Cheese sandwich and it is a great sandwich. We could immediately tell the bread was better and they use a superior quality of meat than the usual shops.  We’ll be back to try the pizzas.  Very friendly staff, fast, efficient, and they keep the place clean and tidy.  I highly recommend this place and hope they add more locations soon.

Greg D.

The wife has been talkin’ this place up so I decided to try it! 1st I live 20miles away from this location WORTH THE DRIVE! I wanted to try it all, I started with Italian Turkey no peppers and a slice or ½ a 12″ pepperoni pizza added the Orange & Pineapple Ice… Wow what a meal ate the pizza with ranch got a brain freeze. Was only able to eat half my sandwich took the rest home. Will continue to eat there after fishing at Silverbell lake. $15 for everything I recommend a free glass of water so you can calm the brain freeze and eat the sub.


First time I’ve tried slice and ice and OMG it is delicious!!! I got the pizza fry box which was perfect for me and my 5 year old. I eat the pizza, she eats the fries. The lime Italian ice was amazing. If I was really hungry I’d get the whole pizza for myself. But the half was perfect for lunch. I love how thin the crust is. The sauce isn’t too sweet like some pizza places. The pepperoni was perfect (not over cooked and crunchy like other pizzas I’ve had) I’m already ready to order from here again!!

Christine M

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Slice & Ice Tucson
Slice & Ice Tucson
Date night on a budget? Swipe right on us!
Bring your date in to share pizza, fries, and something sweet to-go. We're rooting for you! | #SliceandIce #SliceandIceTucson #Tucson #TucsonFood #TucsonBusiness #SupportLocal #EatLocal #SupportSmall #PizzaLover #FriesLover #DateNight
Slice & Ice Tucson
Slice & Ice Tucson
"The wife has been talkin' this place up so I decided to try it! First, I live 20 miles away from this location– WORTH THE DRIVE! I wanted to try it all. I started with Italian Turkey, no peppers, a slice or ½ a 12"" pepperoni pizza, and added the Orange & Pineapple Ice... Wow, what a meal! Ate the pizza with ranch, got a brain freeze. Was only able to eat half my sandwich and took the rest home. Will continue to eat there. $15 for everything!"
– Bubba

You and your wife have some great taste, Bubba. Thanks for the review! 🙌 Looking forward to seeing you two come back in! | #SliceandIce #SliceandIceTucson #Tucson #TucsonFood #TucsonBusiness #SupportLocal #EatLocal #SupportSmall #ItalianIce #Sandwich #Pizza #PizzaLover
Slice & Ice Tucson
Slice & Ice Tucson
What's today's special flavor? Stop on by to find out!
We have 32 flavors in all and we're always ready to take requests!

Want to put in a request for your favorite flavor? Call to order an Ice Box in any flavor and we'll have it ready for you to pick up in the drive-through the next day! | #SliceandIce #SliceandIceTucson #Tucson #TucsonFood #TucsonBusiness #SupportLocal #EatLocal #SupportSmall #ItalianIce
Slice & Ice Tucson
Slice & Ice Tucson
If you're gonna make the most of cheat day, then we're here to make it count!

Order a heap of our amazing garlic fries and indulge! If you're ready for a full cheat meal, pick up a slice and an ice while you're at it! | #SliceandIce #SliceandIceTucson #Tucson #TucsonFood #TucsonBusiness #SupportLocal #EatLocal #SupportSmall #Fries #FriesLover
Slice & Ice Tucson
Slice & Ice Tucson
Don't know what to try next? We know just what to suggest.
Our Meatball & Cheese hero sandwich is made with piping hot tomato sauce, sautéed peppers and onions, and our incredible all-beef meatballs, all topped with fresh parmesan and mozzarella.

Mouth watering? Pull up to our drive-thru! | #SliceandIce #SliceandIceTucson #Tucson #TucsonFood #TucsonBusiness #SupportLocal #EatLocal #SupportSmall #Sandwich #SandwichLover #Meatballs
Slice & Ice Tucson
Slice & Ice Tucson
Trying to eat better this year? We've got you covered.
Come try out our garden, antipasto, tuna, or turkey salads for something crisp, fresh, and satisfying.

So what if you also load up on garlic fries? You deserve them. | #SliceandIce #SliceandIceTucson #Tucson #TucsonFood #TucsonBusiness #SupportLocal #EatLocal #SupportSmall #Fries #FriesLover

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1905 West Grant
Tucson, AZ 85745


Sunday - Saturday
10 AM - 10 PM


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