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1905 West Grant Road, Tucson, AZ

About Slice & Ice

Ed Irving has been creating his original Italian Ice recipes since he was driving around town to serve them from a truck back in 1971!

Working alongside a partner, Bob Greenburg, they drove around the city to serve up various flavors of frozen treats, stopping by schools, sports games, and concerts to give everyone a taste! The two of them named these unique frozen treats after the “E” in Ed’s name and the “G” in Greenberg’s. (You may now know their first creations as Eegee’s, a business they ran together until they sold it in 2006.)

But Ed didn’t stop there! He went back to work creating Italian ice, using many of his original recipes! These tried-and-true recipes are not only all-natural and full of flavor, but they celebrate the 50 year history of him serving up sweets to the community. His ice is one-of-a-kind, carried on from the original food truck that roamed the city in the 70’s with the same sweet flavors.

Ed went on to start up Slice & Ice in 2020, where he serves rapid-fire pizzas, fries, sandwiches, and Italian ice all at affordable prices! The pizza is known to be hot and ready in just 3-minutes*, served in a personal pie or a “slice”– which is a half pie. The fries are great as-is, but we also make them “fancy” with incredible ranch, hot ranch, pizza, or garlic toppings! The hero sandwiches and salads are made with fresh, crisp ingredients that will bring you back in again and again for lunch.

And finally, the ice the started it all… it’s just as incredible and iconic as it was back in the summer of the 1970’s! He loves catering to the people and what they want, now having created 32 different flavors of ice– many of which are available as the flavor of the day, which can be made by request! He’s even gone on to create the Sweet Tea Ice, which doubles as an energy drink!

Come stop in to Slice & Ice for a bit of nostalgia and some real creativity, served up fresh!

* 3-minute for pizza is not a guarantee. This estimate is based on cooking time, however, delivery of your order may take longer based on orders in front of yours.

So good! Everything but the onion rings was excellent. And, even the onion rings weren’t that bad. The thin crust pizza with burnt edges was amazing, the sandwich was fantastic, the ranch fries (I put jalapeños on mine) were classic, and the frozen drink was perfect. It tasted like oranges and pineapples and shaved ice. Not processed, or artificial. I imagine it’s what they would’ve served in the seventies out of the back of their van. The only bad part is I live ALL THE WAY across town! Build an Eastside location!!!

Geraldo O.

Food came out fresh and it was so tasty! Instant fans. My husband ordered a hot veggie sandwich and liked it so much he got a second one. The kids and I had two of the pepperoni and sausage pizzas. So good! Service was fast and all of the staff was friendly. One guy who I assume was the owner came out and asked if it was too cold inside. Another staff member had asked me if I was still waiting for food because he noticed I had been waiting for a while but I let him know I hadn’t ordered yet. The point is, staff is really attentive. Since the lock down, I have been through the drive through numerous times for their snack boxes – half w cheese pizza with fries. It makes my kids’ day. So glad they took over this location.

Denise G.

The ices are amazing, with real pieces of fruit, and they are not overly sweet.  We tried the strawberry lemonade and the orange pineapple. They are refreshing and tasted fresh, not artificial. The garlic fries have the perfect amount of garlic and Parmesan and were cooked perfectly.  We both tried the Italian 3 Meat & Cheese sandwich and it is a great sandwich. We could immediately tell the bread was better and they use a superior quality of meat than the usual shops.  We’ll be back to try the pizzas.  Very friendly staff, fast, efficient, and they keep the place clean and tidy.  I highly recommend this place and hope they add more locations soon.

Greg D.

The wife has been talkin’ this place up so I decided to try it! 1st I live 20miles away from this location WORTH THE DRIVE! I wanted to try it all, I started with Italian Turkey no peppers and a slice or ½ a 12″ pepperoni pizza added the Orange & Pineapple Ice… Wow what a meal ate the pizza with ranch got a brain freeze. Was only able to eat half my sandwich took the rest home. Will continue to eat there after fishing at Silverbell lake. $15 for everything I recommend a free glass of water so you can calm the brain freeze and eat the sub.


First time I’ve tried slice and ice and OMG it is delicious!!! I got the pizza fry box which was perfect for me and my 5 year old. I eat the pizza, she eats the fries. The lime Italian ice was amazing. If I was really hungry I’d get the whole pizza for myself. But the half was perfect for lunch. I love how thin the crust is. The sauce isn’t too sweet like some pizza places. The pepperoni was perfect (not over cooked and crunchy like other pizzas I’ve had) I’m already ready to order from here again!!

Christine M

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Slice & Ice Tucson
Slice & Ice Tucson3 weeks ago
Looking for great lunch options under $10? We've got you! 😋

✧ Grab a Snackbox to get a generous slice of pizza and fries!
✧ Choose a slice of one of our specialty pizzas and pair it with a salad!
✧ Pick any of our hero sandwiches!

Depending on what you picked, you might be able to add an Italian ice, all for under $10!
When it's break time and you're starving, count on us for dine-in, drive thru, or delivery!
(520) 274-7276 | #SliceandIce #SliceandIceTucson #Tucson #TucsonFood #TucsonBusiness #SupportLocal #EatLocal #SupportSmall #PizzaLover
Slice & Ice Tucson
Slice & Ice Tucson3 weeks ago
Hungry? Craving something delicious and nostalgic? It's time to discover your missing link! The Hot Link!

Come in to get a taste of our newest menu item– a quarter pound, all-beef hot link served with mayo, sautéed peppers and onions, and mozzarella all on a toasted hero bun. If you're looking for a great lunch that satisfies, here it is for only $6.99!

When you're ready to give it a try, stop in for dine-in, drive-thru, and delivery! | #SliceandIce #SliceandIceTucson #Tucson #TucsonFood #TucsonBusiness #SupportLocal #EatLocal #SupportSmall #HotLink
Slice & Ice Tucson
Slice & Ice Tucson4 weeks ago
Our meatball hero has been a big hit since we first opened– that's why we created its spin-off! That's right, we created our specialty meatball pizza as an homage to this popular sandwich.

This pizza is topped with meatballs, sautéed onions and green peppers, as well as cheese for a unique, delicious experience. They're perfect for when you're in the mood to try something new!

Get one the next time you order Slice & Ice for dine-in, drive thru, or delivery!
(520) 274-7276 | #SliceandIce #SliceandIceTucson #Tucson #TucsonFood #TucsonBusiness #SupportLocal #EatLocal #SupportSmall #PizzaLover #Meatballs
Slice & Ice Tucson
Slice & Ice Tucson4 weeks ago
"10/10 flavors are definitely there with the pizza, the ices are really delicious, and I love the fact they aren’t loaded with unnecessary dyes and colors." – Josh & Chad

Thanks, guys! We're always happy to hear our natural flavors are on-point. ❤️ We're all about keeping our ices fresh! It makes a big difference!

We love our Slice & Ice fam! Your reviews help support our business– please leave us one on Facebook or Google! | #SliceandIce #SliceandIceTucson #Tucson #TucsonFood #TucsonBusiness #SupportLocal #EatLocal #SupportSmall #PizzaLover
Slice & Ice Tucson
Slice & Ice Tucson4 weeks ago
Feeling stretched thin between school pickup, practices, and more? We're here to help!

When you need a little break from cooking dinner, we've got food your family will love! We're here to serve fast pizzas, fresh salads, great sandwiches, and naturally sweet Italian ice that's been a huge hit since the 1970's.

We're ready to make your life easier– that's why we're serving from 10am-10pm daily for dine-in, drive thru, AND delivery!
(520) 274-7276 | #SliceandIce #SliceandIceTucson #Tucson #TucsonFood #TucsonBusiness #SupportLocal #EatLocal #SupportSmall #BacktoSchool
Slice & Ice Tucson
Slice & Ice Tucson1 month ago
"Their supreme pizza!! Omg! I like that they do not over cook the veggies. They are so fresh and still hold their individual flavors even after being cooked in the oven. That open oven is something else. So good! With some pepper flakes and ranch, perfection!" – Dianna

We're pretty big fans of our awesome oven, too! Thanks, Dianna! ❤️ We're all about serving up fresh food, so that obviously includes trying to bring out all the great flavors in the veggies we're using, whether on our pizzas, in our sandwiches, or as a part of our salads! We're happy you can taste the difference!

We love our Slice & Ice fam! Your reviews help support our business– please leave us one on Facebook or Google! | #SliceandIce #SliceandIceTucson #Tucson #TucsonFood #TucsonBusiness #SupportLocal #EatLocal #SupportSmall #PizzaLover

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1905 West Grant
Tucson, AZ 85745


Sunday - Saturday
10 AM - 10 PM


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