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1905 West Grant Road, Tucson, AZ


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Slice and Ice
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Courtney L. Nation
Courtney L. Nation
01:50 28 Nov 22
Last night was my inaugural Slice and Ice order and they certainly did not disappoint! The Italian three meat and cheese hero was divine! Every bite so full of flavor. The slice of pepperoni pizza was also very tasty and the strawberry ice paired well with the meal. I will return again and again.
Miguel Delgado
Miguel Delgado
06:55 05 Sep 22
We love this place. My family and I are foodies and we love all types of food. The pizza is thin crust style and is very good. We’ve had cheese, pepperoni, BBQ chicken, Buffalo chicken, and Hawaiian. The cheesy garlic bread is delicious as well. The fries are always fresh. The family box of fries is an awesome deal and the ranch is great.Staff has always been friendly. 5 stars!!!
Theresa M Marco
Theresa M Marco
19:32 06 Jul 22
Superb! Excellent! Stop going to Domino's or Papa John's stop going to eegee's you need to come here this place is the best and they have friendly staff very clean store communication with their employees know how to count money always cleaning the counters this is a 10 star restaurant thank you so much for the experience and the pepperoni pizza is to die for it's so good and affordable you yourself as a single person could afford a drink and a pizza that's a full size pizza under 10 bucks you must come check it out
Bubba Inc AZ
Bubba Inc AZ
00:01 24 Jun 22
The wife has been talkin' this place up so I decided to try it! 1st I live 20miles away from this location WORTH THE DRIVE! I wanted to try it all, I started with Italian Turkey no peppers and a slice or ½ a 12" pepperoni pizza added the Orange & Pineapple Ice... Wow what a meal ate the pizza with ranch got a brain freeze. Was only able to eat half my sandwich took the rest home. Will continue to eat there after fishing at Silverbell lake. $15 for everything I recommend a free glass of water so you can calm the brain freeze and eat the sub.
Eric Ortiz
Eric Ortiz
03:07 28 Feb 22
A good first experience. Pricing is pretty reasonable and the food was good. If given the opportunity, I always go for a footlong sandwich, but the 7" turkey, bacon, ranch and cheese was still filling. I opted for the garlic fries. They weren't bad, but ranch fries reign supreme. The pizza sauce on the Hawaiian we got was a bit sweeter than I'd like, but it wasn't bad.
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Slice & Ice Tucson
Slice & Ice Tucson
Date night on a budget? Swipe right on us!
Bring your date in to share pizza, fries, and something sweet to-go. We're rooting for you! | #SliceandIce #SliceandIceTucson #Tucson #TucsonFood #TucsonBusiness #SupportLocal #EatLocal #SupportSmall #PizzaLover #FriesLover #DateNight
Slice & Ice Tucson
Slice & Ice Tucson
"The wife has been talkin' this place up so I decided to try it! First, I live 20 miles away from this location– WORTH THE DRIVE! I wanted to try it all. I started with Italian Turkey, no peppers, a slice or ½ a 12"" pepperoni pizza, and added the Orange & Pineapple Ice... Wow, what a meal! Ate the pizza with ranch, got a brain freeze. Was only able to eat half my sandwich and took the rest home. Will continue to eat there. $15 for everything!"
– Bubba

You and your wife have some great taste, Bubba. Thanks for the review! 🙌 Looking forward to seeing you two come back in! | #SliceandIce #SliceandIceTucson #Tucson #TucsonFood #TucsonBusiness #SupportLocal #EatLocal #SupportSmall #ItalianIce #Sandwich #Pizza #PizzaLover
Slice & Ice Tucson
Slice & Ice Tucson
What's today's special flavor? Stop on by to find out!
We have 32 flavors in all and we're always ready to take requests!

Want to put in a request for your favorite flavor? Call to order an Ice Box in any flavor and we'll have it ready for you to pick up in the drive-through the next day! | #SliceandIce #SliceandIceTucson #Tucson #TucsonFood #TucsonBusiness #SupportLocal #EatLocal #SupportSmall #ItalianIce
Slice & Ice Tucson
Slice & Ice Tucson
If you're gonna make the most of cheat day, then we're here to make it count!

Order a heap of our amazing garlic fries and indulge! If you're ready for a full cheat meal, pick up a slice and an ice while you're at it! | #SliceandIce #SliceandIceTucson #Tucson #TucsonFood #TucsonBusiness #SupportLocal #EatLocal #SupportSmall #Fries #FriesLover
Slice & Ice Tucson
Slice & Ice Tucson
Don't know what to try next? We know just what to suggest.
Our Meatball & Cheese hero sandwich is made with piping hot tomato sauce, sautéed peppers and onions, and our incredible all-beef meatballs, all topped with fresh parmesan and mozzarella.

Mouth watering? Pull up to our drive-thru! | #SliceandIce #SliceandIceTucson #Tucson #TucsonFood #TucsonBusiness #SupportLocal #EatLocal #SupportSmall #Sandwich #SandwichLover #Meatballs
Slice & Ice Tucson
Slice & Ice Tucson
Trying to eat better this year? We've got you covered.
Come try out our garden, antipasto, tuna, or turkey salads for something crisp, fresh, and satisfying.

So what if you also load up on garlic fries? You deserve them. | #SliceandIce #SliceandIceTucson #Tucson #TucsonFood #TucsonBusiness #SupportLocal #EatLocal #SupportSmall #Fries #FriesLover

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1905 West Grant
Tucson, AZ 85745


Sunday - Saturday
10 AM - 10 PM


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